COVID-19 Update

Important Service Announcement

With the exception of spirometry (lung function) and respirator fit testing, we are continuing to deliver all of our existing services and some additional services to assist you through the COVID-19 crisis. Right now it is more imperative than ever to work together to keep people and business operating safely.

To continue to perform our essential work and to ensure the safety of our workers and customers we need to make prompt adjustments to business operation changes and adhere to the PCBU obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

Preparing For Our Future

As Occupational Health & Safety specialists, Australasian Safety Services are experienced in delivering services with a focus on safety. Our team are trained and familiar with prevention of personal exposure and cross contamination. The principles of controlling exposure to COVID-19 are similar to asbestos and mould which we have been doing for almost 20 years.

Our consultants will be taking all the necessary precautions on and off site. Our team will be increasing hygiene measures and PPE to safely perform site visits including the use of gloves, masks, P2 respiratory protection, overalls and face shields as required.