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Australasian Safety Services Pty Ltd is an occupational health hygiene & safety consultancy which provides Audiometric Testing, Employee Health Assessments, Auditing, Systems Development, Risk Management, Incident Investigation, Occupational Hygiene & Environmental Monitoring, Safety Training Development and Delivery, Locum WHSO and many other services to a wide range of clients.

At Australasian Safety Services Pty Ltd we work with our clients in all areas of workplace health and safety.  Commencing in 2002, we now have nine specialised consultants with over 100 combined years of experience who work throughout Queensland, Australia and the Asia Pacific region.  Current clients include defense, ports/marine, energy, transport and logistics, education, mining, aviation, tourism, manufacturing, primary production, sugar milling, and petrochemical.

As a company our focus is on safety as a continuous improvement, always striving forward.  Safety is not just something that you do we see it as a partnership with our clients to work towards desired targets and goals.

Strength in Safety

Our strengths are in the provision of Auditing, consulting, training, occupational hygiene and environmental monitoring services at the workplace.  We bring solutions that strengthen the foundations of your business.

Partners in Safety

One of the key differences when partnering with Australasian Safety Services is that we know OH&S is an ongoing process.  More than conducting audits, we work “hands on” with our clients to help them achieve their objectives.

Quality of Service

Australasian Safety Services Pty Ltd is third party quality assured to ISO 9001-2000.  Further we have qualified and experienced consultants to ensure that our client’s needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

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