Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring

Helping Protect Your People

Health, Safety and Environmental laws require employers to identify the risks associated with all work processes. Vapours, dust, noise, radiation and hazardous substances do not always have the obvious impacts of traumatic accidents.

Exposure to occupational hygiene risks can cause serious health problems for staff exposed to them in sufficient quantities, or over an extended period of time. These include noise-induced hearing loss, cancers, allergies and asthma. Australasian Safety Services’ professional staff offer a wide range of services to help you monitor employee exposure to a wide range of workplace conditions.

Australasian Safety Services has extensive experience monitoring hygiene risks within the mining, oil and gas, aviation, maritime, transport and manufacturing industries. Australasian Safety Services professionals have the expertise to assist organisations in developing and conducting monitoring programmes to meet the needs of their specific industries and workplaces.

Monitoring & Survey Services

Australasian Safety Services provides assessment and control solutions for:

    1. noise
    2. lighting
    3. vibration
    4. radiation
    5. EMR & ELF radiation
    6. respirable dust
    7. inspirable dust
    8. diesel particulate
    9. asbestos (airborne)
    10. asbestos (building audits & surveys)
    11. hydrocarbons
    12. isocyanates
    13. PAH (polyaromatic hydrocarbons)
      1. welding fumes
      2. volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
      3. other chemicals
      4. respirable quartz
      5. synthetic mineral fibre
      6. metal fumes
      7. lead
      8. formaldehyde
      9. solvents
      10. breathing air quality
      11. bioaerosols
      12. thermal comfort
      13. indoor air quality

Monitoring & Survey Methods

Australasian Safety Services utilises several methods to determine exposure levels and establish any potential health risks.

These methods include:

      1. walk-through surveys
      2. expert risk assessments
      3. static sampling
      4. control method evaluations
      5. real time sampling
      6. full shift sampling
      7. exposure distribution monitoring
      8. noise dosimetry
      9. noise frequency analysis
      10. ventilation surveys

Using accredited state-of-the-art sampling and analysis methodologies, Australasian Safety Services’ occupational hygiene experts can recognise and evaluate hygiene risks and offer site-specific control options.

Training Services

Australasian Safety Services Pty Ltd is third party quality assured to ISO 9001-2008. Further we have qualified and experienced consultants to ensure that our client’s needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

        1. hazardous substance & dangerous goods management
        2. emergency planning
        3. hearing conservation
        4. confined space safety
        5. gas monitoring


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