Custom-fitted in-ear devices

Sonomax is the premier custom molded, measured and calibrated hearing protection system that is tailored to each individual ear. It provides measurable hearing protection according to the noise exposure levels of each individual at their workplace.

Sonomax welding protection

Every ear is different

Just like finger prints, the external and internal features of ears are different for each individual.  Unlike foam plugs, no ear cavity is the shape of a cylinder.

Sonomax Hearing Protection is custom moulded for an exact fit in each ear, forming a perfect acoustic seal.  It also ensures no pressure points between the shape of the plug and the ear canal, giving maximum comfort and no irritation.  The internal form of the plug means that it won’t interfere with the use of other PPE.

Custom Calibrated and Documented Protection

When Sonomax hearing protection has been fitted, our SonoPass software driven process confirms that an acoustic seal has formed. Then it measures the personal attenuation level in each ear, calibrates the required level of sound attenuation, instructs the testing operator on the most appropriate filter to ensure a safe sound level for each ear and records the results.  At the end of the process a formal report is generated which details the hearing protection provided for each ear for every individual.


Somomax Hearing Protection can be coupled with communications devices to enable staff to hear communications clearly when working in extreme environments.

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