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eers Custom Fit Earphones Products

SonoFit™ is the engineering innovation and delivery system at the heart of Sonomax Technologies Inc.

Sonomax® bundles more than twelve patented technologies into a disposable fitting system that delivers a customized earpiece designed to seamlessly interface with any number of application modules such as earphones, hearing protection devices, Bluetooth™ headsets, hearing aids and other in-ear products.

Up until now, custom fitting required weeks of laboratory work. SonoFit™ by Sonomax® takes just minutes and requires only 3 easy steps.

SonoFit™ consists of a patented modular earpiece, a pair of inflation pumps and a medical grade silicone compound, all bundled neatly into a disposable headband.

The safety of the product is thoroughly tested, including the strength of the bladder which can be expanded to over 12 times the volume of silicone that is contained in the fitting system. Sonomax has been using this in-ear expansion technology in its custom-molded hearing protection over the last 10 years, and there are now over 100,000 users of this technology in the form of Sonomax hearing protectors.

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