Sonomax SonoFit System

Custom-fitted in-ear devices

This proprietary system consists of a single use headband with integrated inflation pumps that are filled with a medical grade silicone compound, with inflatable earpieces docked and ready for expansion.

Sonomax® bundles more than twelve patented technologies into this innovative fitting system that delivers a customized earpiece designed to seamlessly interface with any in-ear application such as earphones, hearing protection, Bluetooth™ headsets and hearing aids.

Sonomax welding protectionSonomax Self-Fit Ear buds_3

Sonomax In-Ear Expansion Technology

The expansion technology for the earpieces incorporates a fully encapsulated bladder mounted on a choice of multiple platforms that include noise attenuation blockers or filters for hearing protectors; quality drivers for earphones and microphones for specialty applications such as Talk-Through-The-Ear.

The safety of the product is thoroughly tested, including the strength of the bladder which can be expanded to over 13 times the volume. Over the last 10 years Sonomax continued to adapt its in-ear expansion technology to custom-molded hearing protection and earphones. Today, there are now over 100,000 users of this technology mainly in the form of Sonomax hearing protectors.

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